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Fareed A. Lafta
First Iraqi Qualified Cosmonaut – Sport Adventurer - Appeared in Guinness World Records – Keynote Speaker

Objectives: To Promote Peace, Harmony and Prosperity around the Globe, Role Model for young people across the world

Iraqi Citizen - Resident of Dubai UAE
BA Science- Chemistry Major
Date of Birth- 29th of March on 1978

Accomplishments and Awards:
1• World Guinness Record in the Largest Fingerprint Painting with total area 436 square meter the campaign was under slogan "Make a finger print to our Iraq" the convoy of the campaign targeting to collect more than 1,000,000 One Million finger prints ... they start from Karbal through Najaf, Qadesia, Kut, Kerkuk, Erbil, Salahaddin, Baghdad & Babylon, on the 10th of May of 2016.

2• World Guinness Record in Largest Poster with total area of 7165 square meter consist the Iraqi culture map along more than 7000 years of civilization, in Karbala, Iraq, on 26th February 2016.

3• World Guinness Record in The largest helicopter formation flight consists of 30 helicopters over Baghdad, Iraq, on 6 January 2016.

4• World Guinness Record in The largest reading lesson consists of 2,226 participants in Baghdad, Iraq, on 5 October 2015.

5• World Guinness Record in forming and designing The World’s Largest Picture Mosaic formed by people consisted of 4,200 participants of the Community Police, the participants formed the Iraqi flag on April of 2015 to spread the message of love to the entire world by promoting peace and greater understanding among diversity in Iraq

6• World Guinness Record in forming and designing The World’s Largest Soft Toy Mosaic of Symbol of Peace in University of Baghdad to spread the message of love to the entire world by promoting peace and greater understanding among diversity in Iraq. - November of 2014.

7• World Guinness Record in forming and designing The World’s Most People In A Human-Soft Toy Chain in Najaf-Iraq. – October 2013.

8• World Guinness Record in forming and designing The World’s Largest Dove of Peace symbol in Dubai UAE to spread the message of love to the entire world by promoting peace and greater understanding among countries and cultures. - March 2013.

9• World Guinness Record in Largest Flag Flown Whilst Skydiving in Illinois - Chicago, USA - on the 12th of August of 2012.

10• Childhood Ambassador for Iraq on the September of 2015.

11• Goodwill Ambassador of Rashid Centre UAE, which provides education and therapy services to children with Special Needs – March 2013.

12• Goodwill Ambassador of The Fourth Dimension Foundation for culture and media – 2013.

13• Flew in lawn chairs attached to 350 huge cluster helium balloons around more than eight hours in Oregon / USA – July 2012.

14• Peace Ambassador to The US Iraqi Youth Organization in Washington DC – February 2012.

15• Goodwill Ambassador for Maysan University/ Iraq – April 2012.

16• Good Will Ambassador to The Iraqi Jurists Union – April 2012.

17• First elected athlete as Goodwill Ambassador to The Iraqi Red Crescent Society – January 2012.

18• Honored as the First Fellow to the Iraqi Ministry of Women Affairs – December 2011.
19• Coronation as World Peace and Sport Ambassador in Monaco – 2011.

20• The first civilian performing peace jump while skydive over Kubal / Afghanistan to hope and outreach for peace - 2011.

21• The First Iraqi Parachute jumped at 90 degree to the North Pole’s highest tip from 3000ft above the frozen Arctic Ocean representing Arab and Asian, furthermore buried down under 4622 meters in the North Pole’s ocean’s floor a cylinder that contains a handwritten message promoting peace and love – July 2010.

22• Represented Iraq in the World Parachuting championship in Montenegro – 2010.

23• Represented Iraq in the International Indonesian Parachuting championship – 2010.
24• Represented Iraq in the 13th Asian Parachuting Championship in Indonesia – July 2010.

25• Represented Iraq in the First Gulf Cup championship in Dubai – 2010.

26• Represented Iraq in Dubai’s International Parachuting championship - 2010.

27• Nominated by the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Science representing Iraq and the Arab for research gathering – 2009.

28• Conducted the first civilian peace jump in a war zone area over Baghdad to promote peace – 2009.

29• First Iraqi flies to the edge of the space in a MIG 29 at 90000ft – 2009.

30• First Iraqi Qualified Cosmonaut – 2009.
31• First Iraqi civilian pilot participate with the Military Worlds Air Championship show fly on AL39 – 2009.

31• World Record by taking part in first ever skydiving above Mount Everest at 30,0000ft – October 2008.

32• First Iraqi started Free Scuba diving, achieving a lung-busting for 4.5 minutes depth of 80 meters under sea surface - 2007.

33• First Iraqi Powered Parachute Pilot – 2006.

34• First Iraqi International Paragliding Pilot – 2005.

35• World Guinness of Records for the most people contributing to a stamp image in Amman, Jordan on 8 October 2016.

Qualifications and skills:

1• International Skydiver
2• International Free Diver
3• Scuba Diving Instructor
4• First Aid Instructor
5• Knight Trainer
6• Motorcycle Racer
7• Mountain Bicycle Racer
8• First Iraqi Glider Pilot (Paragliding and Para motoring pilot)
9• Powered Parachute Pilot
10• Micro and Ultra Light Pilot
11• Private Pilot(Helicopter)
12• Instrument Rating Pilot(Helicopter)
13• Commercial Pilot(Helicopter)
14• Future Qualified Cosmonaut
15• Moe Thai Fighter
16• Yachts Sailor
17• Technical and Sea Depths Diver
18• Balloon Flyer
19• Instrument Rating Single Engine Land Pilot
20• Commercial Single Engine Land Pilot
21• Instrument Rating Single Engine Sea Pilot
22• Commercial Single Engine Sea Pilot
23• Instrument Rating Multi Engine Land Pilot
24• Commercial Multi Engine Land Pilot
25• Aerobatic Pilot.

Titles and Recognitions Given:
1• The pride of the Iraqi Industry-Karbala People, Iraq.
2• Arab Eagle – Alarabiya TV
3• Arab Falcon – Aljazeera TV
4• Iraq Falcon – Iraqi Prime Minister Noori Almaliki
5• Iraq Superman – The Guardian British Newspaper
6• The Iraq Gull – Iraq Military University / Baghdad
7• Fareed Al Efreet – Mosel Parachute Center
8• Abu Al Iraq – Iraqi Ministry of Defense
9• The Arab Yuri Gagarin- Aljazeera and Al Arabiya TV
10• Sky Octopus – Zaman Newspaper
11• Iraq Diamond – Al Baghdad Satellite TV
12• Dove of Peace – Albaghdadiya Satellite TV
13• Courageous Hercules – German Russian Delegation
14• Czar of Iraq – Al Sumaria Satellite TV
15• Pride Iraq – Alfayhaa Satellite TV
16• Shalwa Falcon – Al Dewania Province Residence
17• Warrior of Peace – Day National Newspaper
18• The Phoenix - Poet.Naseem Al-Daghestani.
19• The Iraqi Star in Guinness - Beladi Satellite TV
20• The third star of Iraqi flag - Dijlah TV
21• The King of Sky - Kareem Al-Iraqi.

Appreciation Certifications and NGO Membership:

• Member of The Professional American Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)
• Member of The United State Parachute Association (USPA)
• Member of The UAE Red Crescent Society
• Member of The International Free Diving Association
• Member of The International Paragliding Association
• Member of The UAE Divers
• Member of The Om Al Quwain Air Sports Center
• Member of The Aljazeera Air Sport Center in Rass Alkhemah
• Honor Member of The Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Science (AUASS)
• Member of The Jordanian Association for Astronomy
• Honor Member of The Algerian Shaara Association for Astronomy
• Member of The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)
• Member of Honor of Al Zawraa Sports Center
• Member of The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS)
• Member of The UAE Aviation Association
• Member of The Peace and Sports Champions Council- Monaco




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